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Epping Ongar Railway

Latest Updates

Here is a list of the latest updates that have happened on this site within the last 30 days.

Sunday 17th September 2017

605 Timetable Updated
618 Timetable Updated
619 Timetable Updated
636 Route Withdrawn
637 Route Withdrawn
638 Timetable Updated
639 Timetable Updated
650 Timetable Updated
656 Timetable Updated
662 Timetable Updated
665 Timetable Updated
667 Timetable Updated
670 Timetable Updated
671 Timetable Updated
678 Timetable Updated
684 Timetable Updated
688/628 Timetable Updated
690 Timetable Updated
699/692 Timetable Updated
KU1/KU6 (Roehampton Vale – Seething Wells) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
KU2 (Clayhill – Kingston University (Circular)) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
KU3 (Roehampton Vale – Seething Wells) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
KU4 (Kingston – Seething Wells – Kingston Hill) Route Withdrawn
KU5 (Kingston – Tolworth) Route Withdrawn
KU7 (Wimbledon – Seething Wells) Route Withdrawn

Sunday 10th September 2017

EL1 Timetable Updated

Sunday 3rd September 2017

13 (Waltham Cross towards Upshire – Epping) Timetable Added
66 (Loughton towards Debden and Waltham Cross) Timetable Updated
66 (Waltham Cross towards Loughton & Debden) Timetable Updated
86 (Waltham Cross towards Harlow) Timetable Updated
86A (Waltham Cross towards Harlow) Route Withdrawn
211 (Waltham Cross towards Breach Barns) Timetable Updated
212 (Waltham Cross towards Roundhills) Timetable Updated
251 (Waltham Cross towards Hammond Street) Timetable Updated
251 (Waltham Cross towards Upshire) Timetable Updated
400 (Walton-on-Thames – Staines) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
410 (Waltham Cross towards Holdbrook Estate) Timetable Updated
416 (Epsom – Leatherhead) Route Withdrawn
438 (Staines – Royal Estate (Circular)) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
877 (Tesco Bus Kennington – Lambeth (Circular)) Route Withdrawn

Sunday 27th August 2017

66A (Waltham Cross – Loughton) Timetable Added
213/214 (Waltham Cross towards Epping) Route Withdrawn
240 (Waltham Cross – Debden) Route Withdrawn
250 (Waltham Cross – Debden) Route Withdrawn
418/418B (Loughton – Harlow) Timetable Updated
610/611 (Enfield/Cockfosters – Luton) Timetable Added
614 (Queensbury – Hatfield) Timetable Added
644 (Queensbury – Hatfield) Timetable Added

Sunday 20th August 2017

575 (Harlow – Romford) Timetable no longer produced by TfL
775 (Kingston – Eastbourne) Timetable no longer produced by TfL

Sunday 13th August 2017

26 (Corbets Tay – Palmers College) Timetable Updated
A1 (Victoria towards Luton Airport (24 hour Service)) Timetable Updated
A2 (Paddington towards Luton Airport) Timetable Added
A6 (Paddington towards Stansted Airport) Timetable Updated
A7 (Victoria – Stansted Airport) Timetable Updated

Saturday 12th August 2017

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Please Note: This list does not include details of updates to Robert Munster's website where most timetables are linked from.

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