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Other transport-related websites which may be of interest

  • London Omnibus Traction Society
    LOTS was founded in 1964 has the largest membership of any enthusiasts’ organisation in the UK and caters for interests in all aspects of London Bus operations. It covers Greater London and the surrounding area, which roughly corresponds to that of London Transport’s Country territory before 1970
  • Omnibus Society
    The Omnibus Society was founded in 1929 to study every aspect of the development and history of road passenger transport. It covers all aspects of the bus industry including routes, vehicles, liveries, timetables – past present and future
  • The PSV Circle
    The PSV Circle provides up-to-date information of all aspects of bus and coach operation in Great Britain and Ireland, and other parts of the world where British vehicles are in use
  • London Transport Museum Friends
    The Friends of the LT Museum support the LT Museums objectives and collections
  • Buses Magazine
    Buses Magazine combines enthusiast topics with expert professional writing on matters of interest to a wider range of serious bus industry readers
  • Classic Bus Magazine
    Classic Bus Magazine aims to give well designed, intelligent information giving a perspective of how we get what where are today
  • Traveline
    National travel enquiries
  • London TravelWatch
    The statutory body set up to be the 'consumer watchdog' for transport users in London
  • Project Mapping
    New schematic maps of UK and European Rail Networks, including individual Train Operating Companies (TOCs)
  • London Bus Routes by Ian Armstrong
    Detailed route histories
  • Ian's Bus Stop
    Vehicle Histories - Mainly in the 1930-1980 era
  • London Bus Routes by Robert Munster
    Details of route allocations and service changes
  • TfL Consultations
    Consultations and engagement run by TfL on changes to their network
  • London Buses One Bus at a Time
    The 'ladies who bus' decided to travel every London bus route from end to end
  • Rigton Insurance
    Provides insurance cover for classic buses and coaches aged 15 years or over
  • London Transport 'e' Plates
    Website by Alan Gryfe devoted to London Transport 'e' plates, bus stops and related signage
  • Eamonn Kentell UK & Ireland Photos
    Excellent website with good quality bus photographs from all over the UK and Ireland
  • Bus
    A superb website showing bus photographs from all over the world
  • Heritage Railways Map
    A comprehensive map and information of the UK's heritage railways
  • Disused Railway Stations
    A comprehensive database of Britain’s closed railway station heritage with a selection of photographs
  • Abandoned Tube Stations
    Another fascinating site with photos of closed railway stations on the Underground
  • Mail Rail
    Historical information about this interesting disused railway
  • Buses on Screen
    A celebration of buses as they've been depicted on screen over the years
  • Doug Rose
    The website of Doug Rose, Information Designer and Technical Illustrator. The site includes technical drawings of London Transport buses, the Ultimate Football League Table, London Underground Historical Map, Underground Edwardian Tile Patterns and a great deal more
  • Barry Doe's Directory
    Directory of bus timetables, websites and enquiry offices
  • London Bus Timetable Graveyard
    Where dead bus timetables go

Other websites which may be of interest

  • Diamond Geezer
    A daily blog of interesting days out, including transport related trips
  • Ian Visits
    A blog of interesting things to see and do in London
  • Simon's Cat
    Funny videos about an animated cat

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